Rituals In Pain (ritualsinpain) wrote,
Rituals In Pain

First post

We're a metal band from San Diego. We've been around since December 04, but we've gotten shit done.

R.I.P. started as a 'one man band', with Richtor being the studio musician.
He remained the only permanent musician through the first few demos.

Eternal LP (December 2005)
1. Coven of Shadows
2. The Vampire Slayer
3. Shredded
4. Coven of Shadows (demo)
5. Rituals In Pain (demo)

A Day of Despair EP (May 2005)
1. Carnival of Nightmares
2. The Vampire Slayer II
3. Shredded
4. Memories
5. Beyond Dead
6. Ugly
7. From Ashes, to Nothing
8. Harold
9. Her Darkest Hour
10. Redemption Denied
11. The Final Sacrifice
12. Just Like Smoke
13. Gone Forever
14. The End of Everything

We're working on our follow up EP, currently entitled 'Desciples of Pain', this album is gonna be crazy. The songs we have recorded so far have far surpassed our expectations. We can't wait till the general public gets their hands on it. Anyways, it goes some vaguely like this:

1. Symphony of the Damned (intro) *
2. Isolated *
3. Shredded II *
4. Footsteps *
5. No One
6. A Witch's Curse *
7. Forgotten
8. As the clock strikes 12
9. Shadows
1O. Redemption Denied II *
11. Broken Windows
12. Medusa's Head
13. Skin Canvas
14. Judith

* = complete tracks

This is all basically for the first intro. To inform a bit. The next entries won't be so long and drawn out.

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